Bison is similar to, but less intense, than bullhide.

Both weights of bison hide are wonderful step-ups from elk or moose, before you reach for your bullhide flogger. And not every play partner likes sensation as intense as bullhide, so bison is a great alternative! Our bison hides are chosen for their beautiful grain pattern without blemishes, wonderful hand and drapew, and the dyes are totally struck through them.

Aqua and black bison flogger.

Using bison floggers in your scenes

Bison is great for the middle section/s of any scene. By the time you've gotten that far in your scene, your partner is usually warned up and part-way up the "endorphin ladder ". Rather than continue to hit harder with your elk or moose flogger, switch to bison and conserve your energy for longer play.

A bison flogger with a jade green and black four sqaure handle patter.

The sensation of bison

Bison hides are softer than bullhide, but firmer than elk or moose. Since the firmness or softness of the edges of the tails are what produces sting, bison has less of that. For a really dense, incredbily pure thud, a mop or basher made from up to 70 tails of our thin bison hide is what you want to have. There's nothing quite like it and no other hide can match it for pure thud with no distractions.

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A big bison basher flogger.

American Bison Flogger Image Gallery

Below you can look at beautiful, detailed examples of our American bison floggers in both black and chocolate design combinations. Tails in both weights of hide, lengths and widths. Add additional tails to the bundle for heavier-thud mops and bashers.

American Bison, point by point:

The important features of lightweight and heavy bison floggers will guide you in your choices:

Weight and Texture

We carry both heavy and garment weight bison. Bison has more "drape" and "give" than bullhide. The hide is uniquely "fibrous" on the buffed flesh side, a hallmark of the best quality.


Bison is thuddy, with slightly less sting. Wide-cut tails create even less. Mops and bashers of garment bison are dense, massively more thuddy than heavy bison, with zero sting.


Bison is best for the middle part of your scenes. Prior warm-up with elk or moose is recommended. Thin bison is great if your play partner loves lots of pure thud.


We stock bison of both weights in chocolate and black, others are available upon request. They coordinate nicely with, and match, our handle colors and patterns.


Choose from a regular size flogger, mop or basher. Or choose more than one so you have it all! Thin bison mops and bashers can be made with up to 70 tails.


Sixteen (16) inches long, or twenty (20) inches long. We cut the tails one-half (1/2) inch wide, or five-eighths (5/8) inch. The tail width subtly affects the sensation.

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