Beautiful kangaroo cats

Refined, highly styled, sleek, elegant, exceptional. We put a lot of time and care into every tiny detail of the exquisite braiding. Nine tails of four, fine strands of 'roo, with a terminal turk's knot and three inch fringes at their ends. Light, lively, easy to use but not shy on impactful sting and pain play if you want, and the tails fly accurately and true. You can vary the senstation with your throw, stance, and whether you hit with the knots, or only the fringes.

Little Goat and Little Cow Cats

Choose between these beauties made from black or chocolate brown goathide and black cowhide. Round-braid tails, 4 strands of glovey goat or thin cowhide in each, ending in our signature, unique leaf tips. A softer cat, not harsh or super intense, but different sensations than a flogger delivers. Very little sting. Lightweight, easy to use and control accurately. Goat is an undiscovered, luxury leather that no one else can offer.

The flat braid cat

Our bullhide flat cats are heavy, powerful and deliver maximum intensity. This is what you want if your play partners like the most intense, stingy, thuddy impact that a cat can deliver. Stike hard with less effort! Each tail is braided from nice, thick, black bullhide, ends in a leaf tip, and are set in a larger handle diameter than our other floggers - a little over 1 inch.

Cat o Nine Image Gallery

Below are photos of our different cats in various colors and handle patterns. The kangaroo cat tails can be done in up to 4 colors in each one. Please inquire if you'd like shorter tails on your cat, we can do that for you, too!

Cat O Nines, point by point:

The important, different features of our cats will guide you in your choices:

Leather qualities

Kangaroo lace is incredibly fine and strong, goat has lovely top grain, is glovy, squishy, and cow is smooth but firm.


Flat cat for intense pain and thud, roo cat for gentle to really intense sting, cow and goat cats for less impact and intensity.


Depends on your style of play and which cat you choose to use. Each kind of cat is unique and can be used differently.


Black tails for cow and flat cats, black or chocolate for goat cats, and any colors you want in roo cat tails, all handles, knots and wristloops.


Three styles of cats, four kinds of leather. Choose a handle pattern and the colors you like best! All three of our cats are nicely made.


Nine tails on all. About 20 inches long on the goat and cow cats, 23 inches long on the roo and flat cats.

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