Cowhide in general

Although cowhide is a commonly-used leather, it's a great one to have on hand. You might want more than one cowhide flogger, made with different types of hides. Our cowhide is sourced from Europe, mainly Britain and Germany. Both countries provide superior quality hides with no blemishes from mosquito and tick bites. We carry cowhide in brown and black, and sometime we have colors on hand as well. Those are generally red, royal blue, white, and tan.

Using cowhide floggers in your scenes

We stock garment grade, smooth and lustrous cowhides, medium weight and heavy, thick hides. Garment hides are softer, lighter and are good for general use throughout your scenes. The medium weight hide is perfect for mid-way through your scenes. It gioves more sting from the firmer, thicker edges, as well as additonal thump.

The sensations of cowhide

The lightest cowhide we offer is garment weight, our Special Cow. This one produces a lighter thump and some sting. You can vary how you throw it for more variety and it's perfect for general use in your scenes. Our medium weight cow has firmer tail edges and delivers more sting and thud. We can also put more tails in the bundle for you, for deeper impact.

You can go directly to our Etsy shop, if you prefer. View our current inventory of cowhide floggers.

Cowhide Flogger Image Gallery

Below you can see beautiful, detailed examples of ourco hide floggers. Tails in both lengths and widths. In matched pairs. Coa can alo make nice mop floggers, too, by adding additional tails to the bundle!

Cowhide, point by point:

The important features of deer and doehide floggers will guide you in your choices:

Weight and Texture

European cowhide in several weights. Lovely top grain, glovey, all of them premium hides with no blemishes. The tail bundle can be customized for you, too!


Lighter hides give lighter thud, with some sting. The medium to heavy hides are tumpier and have more sting. With more tails to make a mop, the thud is increased.


Depending on type of hide, from moderate, mid-scene or general purpose to heavier hides for more specialized use later in your scene.


We stock cowhide in chocolate and black and sometimes in a few colors.


We make cowhide floggers in both lengths and tail widths, and we can add more tails to the regular sized bundle. Consult with us for having a customized flogger made for you.


Sixteen (16) inches long, or twenty (20) inches long. We cut the tails one-half (1/2) inch wide, or five-eighths (5/8) inch wide, your choice. Wider tails equals less edges touching skin, creating a denser, deeper effect.

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