About our mini-bullwhips.

Our mini-bullwhips are made from tightly braided Kangaroo leather, braided nice and straight down their length. Straight braiding is important because it affects the accuracy of the whip when thrown. Tight braiding is important because the whip will "break in" with use - the leather will stretch some. If the braiding isn't tight to begin with, the stretching will be excessive and will result in a lifeless, unusable whip. These beauties have a nice heft to them without being too heavy and crack very nicely. The action is fast and smooth, and it follows down the thong true and straight. When making this minature version of the full-size whip, the taper of the thong must be carefully calculated so they function well and crack without a ton of effort. The energy has to travel down the thong to the cracker properly.

Why choose a mini-bullwhip?

They're fun, enjoyable whips to use, and they're easier to learn to handle than the full size ones.

Purchasing a mini-bullwhip from us.

Mini-bullwhips are measured from top knot to the end of the thong and the fall and cracker aren't included. Thus, a 4 foot mini-bullwhip is actually about 2 feet longer than that. The detailed snake's head knot on the fall hitch is a really nice little detail and are very uncommon! These whips measure 5 feet from thong knot to end of fall, and the thong by itself is 41". The handle is bout 6.5 inches long and is weighted. We carry them in 16 plait only. These are made in the Australian style, not the American style. Custom orders can be done in numerous color combinations, usually with a 6-8 week delivery time. The time frame from order date to delivery date may vary a little more or less due to seasonal availability of hides in your chosen colors.

The thong on our mini-bulls are made of redhide, a unique oil-tanned type of cowhide that isn't available anywhere else, and it does matter to have them be from this hide, and not out of latigo. We have replacement redhide thongs available and the nylon cracker is easily replaced. If you don't how to do one or both, we're happy to provide this service for a very nominal charge. The snake's head hitch takes some extra care to not ruin it during the fall replacement process.

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