We're so excited to return!

We love our work and are glad to be back at it, after our long absence. We've got a lot of good things in store for our customers! Please come back often to see all our new stuff as we catch up on our work. We'll be adding new photos and more information to our website as quickly as we can. We're still populating some of our pages,so please bear with us! We'll be replacing photos as we take new ones, as well.

New Hides!

We've sourced some new hides that you won't find anywhere else! Like our new oil-tanned goat hides. They may be thin, but oil-tanning makes them dense and heavy, with a unique texture, grain and feel. They sting like a hive of bees, and pack a solid, slappy thud. We have 2 other new kinds of goat, as well: Shrunken goat and polished goat. Shrunken goat is, well, shrunken, so it's thicker, heavier, and makes for great round-braided cats. Polished goat is stiffer, firmer, and has a nice, thin edge on it, similar to latigo, but not as intense or heavy. We have water buffalo calf, too, and Excel cowhides, in black, a darker red, and royal blue. We have 2 other heavy, dense and firmer cowhides we've not offered before. Everything but the colored Excel is black. Many of these make super flat-braided cats, too! So there's more cat choices than just bullhide and buffalo now!

A slight change in our flogger style

Lezlie's making a minor change in our flogger styling. We want our work to stand out and be easily recognizable. Not to be confused with the floggers being made by the Happy Tails company that our team left. It's only a slight modification of the shape of the top knots on our flogger handles. So now you can choose between our traditional, squarish-shaped top knot, or a more rounded knot, which is more comfortable if you hold them in the palm of your hand for that type of swishing, side-to-side stroke that some people like to do. The rounded knots are also stronger and more secure for that type of use. In all other respects our work is unchanged. We're also going to be creating the handles in a greater variety of colors and patterns. We're working on some new patterns as we write this!


We've vended at L.A. Leather Weekend's street fair in Los Angeles in early April. We were at CLAW, in Cleveland, OH, in late April. We were also at Olympus Leather in San Diego. You may have seen some of our floggers and whips at IML on Memorial Day weekend in Chicago. We didn't have a booth to vend from, but plenty of our gear was there, worn and used by many, and the winner of the 2017 IML contest wore a flogger of ours holstered on his belt! Did you see our full page ad in the 30th anniversary issue of The Leather Journal?

Looking forward, we're going to be at Up Your Ally Street Fair (Dore Ally) and Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco, the last Sunday in July and the last Sunday in September, respectively. Lezlie will be traveling out to Cali for Folsom, her first time back since moving to Iowa in 2008! She's really excited to be returning to her most favorte annual event, and she'd love to meet old friends and make new ones! She'll also be around the Long Beach and Los Angeles area, at leather and fetish scenes and venues afterwards, before she heads back home.

Whippy Toys

We have more whips and hog slappers coming from Australia soon! Our talented whipmaker, Leanne Achtee, has made our stylish whips exclusively for us, since 1998. She's hard at work right now on another shipment that we'll have on hand for Dore Ally street fair. If you're wanting a custom whip, Tomcat, or hog slapper, now is the time to order! PLUS, we'll have some mini-bullwhips! Made just like larger bullwhips, in the same proportions so they crack and throw well, these diminutive babies are just 4 feet long, including fall and cracker. They can be used in dungeons, at parties, and in the home, just like our signalwhips.

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