Why choose a signal whip?

Signal whips have always been the top choice for SM use. They're perfect for SM play, especially in more limited spaces or crowded dungeons where you don't want to accidentally hit someone doing a scene close to you. Without the red hide fall below the thong and above the cracker, the total length of it is what you count, not just the thong. So a 4 foot signal whip is measured from top knot to end of the cracker and a four foot signal is truly 4 feet long. Snakewhips and bullwhips are measured from top knot to the end of the thong and the fall and cracker aren't included. Thus, a 4 foot snakewhip is actually about 2 feet longer than that.

About our signal whips.

Our signal whips are made from tightly braided Kangaroo leather, braided nice and straight down their length. Straight braiding is important because it affects the accuracy of the whip when thrown. Tight braiding is important because the whip will "break in" with use - the leather will stretch some. If the braiding isn't tight to begin with, the stretching will be excessive and will result in a lifeless, unusable whip.

About Our PermaCore® Thongs.

Our PermaCore® signal whips feature free-flowing lead packed into the core body. There are no tiny airspaces as in the typical shot-loaded cores. This reduces friction and shifting, resulting in a stronger whip, a more fluid action, of a medium-light weight. These whips feature 4-plait, flat-braided wrist loops. We have plain ones and in our fancier patterned style that has checkerboard pattern braiding at the top of the whip thong and a short pattern section lower down on it. This whip is more fluid when new, it really flows nicely when thrown, and cracks real well even when new. Our signal whips break in without becoming loose and limp. We only stock 4 foot long signal whips but 5 foot ones can be customed ordered. We don't make or offer 3 foot long signals. The length of the thong must be carefully tapered, is an important part of how easily they'll crack, and 3 foot ones won't, no matter how careful the taper is calculated. This is even more crucial when a beginner is learning how to throw a whip and can lead to a lot of frustration.

Braided-In vs. Replaceable Crackers.

Traditionally, signal whips have braided-in nylon crackers, although some makers now offer interchangable ones by means of a small braided loop at the end of the thong. We have chosen to only offer the braided in type, and we do not make replaceable ones for custom orders, either. The way these replaceable crackers are attached to the end of the thong is less than ideal - it's unattractive and affects the accuracy of the whip as the energy doesn't smoothly roll and transfer down the thong to the cracker when you throw it.

Hep C (HCVcc) CAN be killed on our braided-in crackers!

A 2013 Yale University medical school research study (the citation is at the end of this section so you can read it for yourself) which replicated the circumstances in which healthcare workers or patients may come into contact with HCV that has dried on surfaces. It also demonstrated that the virus's infectious viability is affected by the temperature and humidity in which the droplets, in uncovered well plates, were stored, as well as by the level of the viral titer in them. "Stored at 37 C (98.6 F) and 53% humidity, 100% of the high titer spots were positive until 10 days of storage and then declined to 40% at day 14 and ZERO% at day 21!" Only the droplets stored at lower temperatures remained viable for up to 6 weeks! "The infectivity, measured by RLA of the reconstituted spots, declined rapidly over time inversely to the storage temperature. Before 21 days, cell growth was restored to almost ZERO% with a 1:10 dilution of 6% strength bleach" (which consumers can buy in stores - just check the label indicating the strength). By diluting the bleach with less water, using a stronger concentration, that word 'almost" can be changed to "absolute".

Now comes a very important quote from the study's abstract: "However, UNDILUTED concentrations of several hand antiseptics (based on povidone–iodine, chlorhexidine digluconate, and triclosan) reduced HCV infectivity to undetectable levels. Thus, there are several commercially available antiseptics that are effective against HCV."

Another argument that braided-in crackers are unsafe, is they have "nooks and crannies" that "bad bugs and dried blood" can be hidden in, and that crackers can't be fully saturated for these antiseptics to be effective. That's absolutely untrue! Nylon absorbs liquids quickly and easily when dipped and held in any liquid. Even a viscous (thick) one, if you rub it into the fibers with your fingers, a sponge, or a small brush after you dip and hold it in it for a minute or two. Regarding the "nooks and crannies", all you need is a toothbrush to do some thorough scrubbing from all sides while it's saturated and that problem is also solved. Dip, rub, saturate, scrub, rinse; repeat several times if you want, then squeeze dry with a soft cotton towel. Let it air dry further, if you want.

However, you don't want the virucidal liquid soaking so far up the cracker that it's unintentionally absorbed into the leather thong, and the thong shouldn't be coming into contact with your partner's skin when it's handled properly. A whip's cracker flies at lightning speed and has the potential to create some real harm and injury to your partner if mis-thrown. So it's always a good idea, if you're new to whips, to practice, practice, practice, until you become competent and safe when using it! An excellent, but little-known, way to determine that you are, is to suspend a roll of toilet paper from something that allows it to unroll freely. When you can make the whole thing unroll onto the floor with your whip strokes, without ripping the paper, you've reached true compepetency! (And a very popular person to do a whip scene with, too!)

Find the 2013 Yale medical school research study here: https://academic.oup.com/jid/article/209/8/1205/830800

Purchasing a signalwhip from us.

All our signalwhips are available in a number of colors and combinations, in 12 or 16 plaits, with or without patterns. Patterned whips have the checkerboard pattern for 4-5 inches below the top knot which is very attractive. Lower down on the thong there's a section of color reversal for a few inches before it changes back. Our 16 plait whips are only made in the patterned style, but our 12 plait whips are available plain or patterned. Plain ones have no checkerboard and pattern reversal. These aren't inferior, they just cost a little less. If the price is a concern, this is a great choice. Custom orders can be done, usually with a 6-8 week delivery time. The time frame from order date to delivery date may vary a little more or less due to seasonal availability of hides in your chosen colors.

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