Patently outstanding in it's class!

Our viper quirts really pack a punch and hurt like heck! A lot of pain for your buck, with minimal effort. The long redhide tails don't mess around when it comes to letting your partner know it's in your hand and on their ass or back!

While quirts are commonplace, ours was the first to have the whip body, many years ago. Since our whipmaker did such excellent work, we figured our quirts ought to be just as nice as our whips. So who better make them for us?! Why sell plain old, run of the mill designs when our customers could get really high quality ones?

A clean, fresh design.

But John went the extra distance, came up with a clean, well thought out design and the redhide tongue was the perfect material for them. Strong, they'll take the abrasion from years of use without coming to look shabby, linty on the edges and ends, and definitely meaning business. We don't think it takes a lot of talk to describe how to use our quirt. It's pretty simple: "aim and shoot"! Hit hard, hit softer, and do your own thing with it. It's all good with our quirt, and won't disappoint.

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